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Achieve your glamping dreamsThree steps to your fantastic new glamping site.

We know how confusing the process to setting up a glamping site can seem at the start. That's why Lune Valley Pods have partnered up with Glampitect, the UK's premier glamping site advisors. Glampitect can help you gain clarity on your glamping project right from the start.
Step 1
Understand the feasibility and viability of your glamping site.

Do the numbers stack up and are you going to receive planning approval?

Work out how much your glamping site will cost, how much it will make and if it will achieve planning permission.
Step 2
Gain planning approval for your new glamping site.

Once you have achieved planning permission it is time for the good bit.

Design your bespoke glamping pods with Lune Valley Pods and we'll make your glamping dreams a reality.
Step 3
Complete groundworks on your site ready for pod delivery.

Accept delivery of your new glamping pods ready to wow your customers.

Open your glamping business and website and begin your long and successful glamping ride.

Bespoke Glamping Pod Solutions

Explore our most popular and customisable glamping pod - the Lune Valley Mega Pod.

This pod is made bespoke to your specifications from start to finish.

Ready to start customising?

Complete Guide to Glamping Setup

We know the thought of setting up a glamping business can be confusing at the start.

That's why we helped create a glamping business setup guide.

Learn about glamping business setup!

Understand Your Glamping Site Feasibility

Ready to start your glamping journey but don't know how to do it?

A glamping feasibility study is the perfect first step to gaining clarity on your glamping business!

Download a glamping feasibility info pack!

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