Starting a Glamping Business – Lune Valley Pods

If you’re ready for an exciting, albeit slightly daunting, business experience then starting a glamping business could be the perfect option for you. The ‘staycation’ is becoming increasingly more popular, so glamping is an excellent holiday business to get yourself involved in.


Benefits to Starting a Glamping Business

Glamping Sites Have Good Return on Investment

Owning a glamping site is highly rewarding when it comes to revenue for your business. While start-up costs can potentially be high, as soon as the bookings start rolling in, you’ll get it all back and more. Especially when it comes to bespoke pods, as you can charge guests a higher price per night for the luxurious experience.

It’s a Rewarding Business

A glamping holiday can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for some people and you can be providing that memorable experience for them with your glamping site. There’s no better reward as a business than having happy and impressed customers.


How do You Start a Glamping Business?

Source Your Land

The first step in starting a glamping business is to find useable land. You may already have an area of land you can use or you may need to source some suitable land. Your land should be big enough to host your site and practical and easy for people to get to. While they are necessary, there are some additional aspects that could help you in gaining bookings, such as a good view. An excellent view can entice anybody and with so much competition out there, you need to have that something special that makes people choose your glamping site over others.

Get Planning Permission

Applying for planning permission and getting approval is vital for starting a glamping business. Almost all new builds or structures need to comply with regulations and requirements in order to be built. Before you consider buying any pods, ensure you have all the permissions necessary to legally build your glamping site.

Purchase Your Pods

When you have decided which pods you are going to have on your site, got the necessary planning permission to build them and know what manufacturer you are going to work with, it’s time to buy your pods. You may need to finance your pods and this can be done through a bank loan, finance leasing, crowdfunding or any other ways that would work well for you and your business.

Advertise Your Glamping Site

You have a glamping site, now you need a website. In the past, a website wouldn’t be completely necessary but nowadays we’d argue that it is. Now people do almost everything online and this includes booking holidays. Someone looking for a glamping pod to stay in will probably take out their phone, go to Google and search ‘glamping holidays’ (or a similar term) and this is where you need to be in order to get found.

Having a website isn’t the only way to get the word out there that you exist. Advertising and posting to social media can make get your business out there and visible for people. Not only that but it is also a very cost-effective way of advertising. Show off everything that your glamping site has to offer!


Get Bookings!

So, you’ve got useable and scenic land, full planning permission, a trusty manufacturer, excellent, high-quality pods and a great website. It’s now time to cut the ribbon, open up and let the bookings flood in!